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the Spearo's Guide - An Introduction to Spearfishing

The Spearo's Guide is a 2-DVD reference compilation covering everything divers need to know to start Spearfishing. Beginning with the absolute basics, to equipment specifics and rigging options, to actual hunting with real footage showing examples. Rounding it all up with how to clean and prepare your fish.

Special Introductions by Denny O'Hearn of the Fishing Rights Alliance and Martin Stepanek of Freediving Instructors International.

Written & Narrated by Les Moscariello with special guest divers:
Patrick Smith, Shane Burns, Carey "Stoker" Larsen, Brian Lee, Harry Kambouropoulos, Rob Sterling, Antonio Andreon, German Martinez, Rob Little, Ben Alvarez, Justin Richardson, Josh Larsen and more from the Palm Beach Freedivers.

the Spearo's Guide: Disc 1 the Spearo's Guide: Disc 1      
  Disc 1 covers the first 6 chapters including the Introduction, Personal Gear, Polespears & Slings, Spearguns, Rigging and Getting to the Fish. The chapters & sub-chapters are listed below.
Spearo's Guide Intro

Special Guest Introduction:
Denny O'Hearn from the
Fishing Rights Alliance

Special Guest Introduction:
Martin Stepanek from
Freediving Instructors International

Martin Stepanek
Spearo's Guide personal gear

All of the basic topics including the following:

Masks & Snorkels
Fins & Booties
Gloves & Weights
What about Sharks?
Miscellaneous items

Wetsuit in Personal Gear  
  Polespears and Slings  

In this chapter we talk about...well...
Polespears & Slings

We go over the different sizes, materials, tips
loading procedures, etc.

Patrick Smith shows us some real world
examples with polespears and a sling.

Polespear hunting
  Spearguns title  

We explain the differences between the various
types of spearguns, their basic setup and how
to load each one in the following sub-chapters.


Harry Kambouropoulos shares his expertise on
Pneumatics on a dive in Palm Beach.

Rob Allen speargun
  Speargun Rigging  

If you plan to take up Spearfishing, you will need
to learn some rigging techniques. We take you
through some key points here:

Standard Setup
Floatline Setup
Reel Setup
Knots for a Reel
Breakaway Setup
Shooting Lines
Power Bands
Sharpening Shafts

Bowline knot
  Getting to the Fish  

There's more than one way to do this. This is not
an in-depth chapter on all of them, but we wanted
to point out the most common ways to get in
the water and out to the fish.

Shore Diving
Kayak Diving
Personal Watercraft
Boat Diving

shorediving with float
Spearo's Guide Disc 2 Spearo's Guide disc 2
Disc 2 covers Chapters 7 & 8 including Hunting Techniques, Care for your Catch and the Credits
outlining everyone who helped make this production a reality.
Hunting Techniques

Finally, on to the good stuff. This chapter is all
underwater and 40 minutes of footage with
a narration describing the technique and
skills listed here:

Fish ID, Shot Placement, Tips & Tricks,
Aspeto, Stalking, Silencing Fish, Creating
Interest, Looking in Holes, Looking on Rays
and Sharks, Spearing Schooling Fish, Buddy
Teams, Dangerous Fish, Deep Wrecks and
a brief section on Bluewater Hunting and
what to expect miles offshore.

Stoker Hunting Kingfish
Care for your Catch
  There is no better meal than fresh
caught fish and the satisfaction of
preparing it yourself the same day.
This chapter really shows you what you
need to know to get started with:

Cleaning Fish
Lobster Prep
Seal & Storage

Yellowjack fish filet  

I have a lot of people and businesses to
thank for their efforts, support and time.
Thanks for all of your help, I could not have
done this myself or without all of your
dedicated support.

Additionally, we close the DVD with
The Spearfishing Code of Conduct
as put together by Chip Bissell
aka Seacidal and his team.

the Spearo's Guide Credits
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